Video Wall

A Video Wall uses multiple large screens to create a hugely powerful and visually attractive display that delivers any content – whether advertising, marketing or entertaining – to your audience in an inspiring way and with high impact. The physical size of the messaging will impress your audience with the size and strength of your brand in a unique way.

Here at DSS, we leverage years of experience, expertise and elegant designs to create a solution for your business that is guaranteed to impress. Our bespoke designs, practical skills and finely-honed installation processes all come together to deliver the amazing video wall experience you deserve.

Applications of Video Walls

There are a great variety of suitable applications for a video wall and they are sure to enhance your company’s marketing very quickly. Video walls are a flexible tool that is used in just about all commercial and public situations.

Some of the most common uses of this product are in entertainment venues, or as information boards at hospitals and airports. In addition, shopping centres, retail outlets and other areas all make extensive use of video walls.

At DSS, we have experience in many of these areas and are sure to have the knowledge and skills to suit you best. Our previous clients come from a broad range of industries and include large offices, shopping centres and bookmakers such as William Hill.

So whatever your situation and requirements, we at DSS have the tools, the knowledge and the products to fulfil it, supplying the optimal video wall that will suit you best.  


There are several important aspects to the configuration that should be considered. The obvious ones are the size and layout of your screens, covering options from the simplest pair of screens to a massive 100-screen display. The configuration should suit your needs, accounting for any space, mounting and budgetary requirements.

Another important factor to consider is the depth of the bezel – the frame surrounding each frame – and how this impacts the gap between screens. A smaller bezel provides a more complete and smoother image.

Whatever you wish – from a traditional rectangular arrangement to an impactful video-strip line of screens – we will use our extensive knowledge, skills and product range to achieve the ideal solution to suit all manner of requirements. We can supply larger outdoor video walls as well as their indoor counterparts; whatever you have in mind, we will endeavour to achieve it.

As a leading supplier of Samsung Video Wall screens in the UK, as well as manufacturers such as NEC, Sharp and Panasonic, we are well-placed to offer top-quality products. This includes screens with a bezel as small as 2mm; practically invisible to anyone without binoculars. 

Installation and Mounting Solutions

An important aspect of video walls that should not be overlooked is the successful and safe mounting of each screen. We provide various secure mounting solutions that can be optimised for different situations. Some of our choices are:

Fixed mounts: For a more permanent and secure fix, quality wall and ceiling mounts will be used. 

Push-lock mount: Push-lock mountings offer flexible configurations and easier screen access for a screen in a recess

Suspended mount: Suspending your video wall from a ceiling can be a noticeable and space-saving feature. 

Modular mount: For a more temporary yet flexible and portable solution, our modular mounts are elegantly simple

Whatever your needs, you can rest assured that our mounting options will get you a reliable and easy-to-use mounting solution from tried and trusted manufacturers like Peerless and BTech. To ensure the best experience for you, our experienced fit-out team packs expert qualified installers and years of knowledge to quickly and securely set you up. 

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