Student Accommodation

With the ever-growing numbers of people including students choosing to rent rather than buy property, the letting sector is becoming highly competitive.

To gain an edge over your competitors, you may need to provide more in the way of entertainment and technology.  This is where DSS come in, able to offer a wide selection of high-quality and high-performance AV systems, at competitive rates.


TVs are an integral part of furnished student apartments, flats and houses. Nowadays Smart TVs and LED technology are considered the norm, and students have come to expect this to be included.

We have a complete range of screens available, from the large 80 inch down to a compact 16 inch. We have an excellent trading relationship and buying power with the well-known and reliable names: Phillips, Samsung, Mitchell & Brown and LG.


Why shop around for appliances when you can source them all from one trusted supplier? DSS are able to supply all the appliances you might need at very competitive rates, such as freezers, fridges, microwaves, dishwashers, kettles, irons and ironing boards. 

Sky TV and Content Delivery

Digital has replaced terrestrial as standard way of delivering TV content in homes, although not all properties have been altered to reflect this switchover.

DSS offer a range of options for content delivery, including RF networks for the delivery of Freeview channels. As Sky TV partners, we can also offer the best rates for digital and satellite services.

Installation Service

Installation projects are handled by DSS with the allocation of a dedicated project manager, who will come to site and establish the best options for your scheme, at the best price.  This is followed by a trained and experienced install team, who know how to get the equipment up and running quickly and without hassle.


Maintenance can consume large amounts of time and money if you manage a large property portfolio. With our maintenance packages, we can tailor a solution suited to you and your tenants for a fraction of the cost of maintaining equipment yourself. Save time, save money and ensure that your tenants are never without essential equipment for long.  Ask about our 24hour equipment-swap service.

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