LED Screen

LED screen displays can now be seen almost everywhere, from restaurant menu boards to sports, news and weather updates in hotels and bars.Size is no longer a limitation and displays can range from a scrolling display on a standard LED television to an LFD (large format display), from multiple video screens to an LED wall for maximum impact.

At DSS we’ve been specifying, designing, and installing systems that incorporate LED screen displays for many years. This expertise, combined with our knowledge of all the latest LED system technology, ensures we recommend cost-effective systems that are reliable and perform brilliantly.

LED display

While they are extremely versatile, no single large format LED screen is the perfect fit for every application. With our in-depth knowledge of each screen’s specifications and capabilities, we can select the right product for your application, location, and frequency of use.

  • Modern LED screens offer so much more than older screens:
  • They are lighter in weight so can be more easily mounted on a wider variety of surfaces and structures.
  • With a thin bezel and standing at only a few centimetres deep, they maximise image area without dominating a space.
  • They are much more economical to run and offer very high output specifications.

If you’re wanting a digital display board for an office, a large-format display screen for public information or a video-playing digital display screen for a hospitality or retail environment, DSS can recommend the ideal screen system for your chosen application.

Video wall

Nothing beats a video wall for maximum visual impact for retail and leisure or at exhibitions, particularly when combined with professional sound and staging.

Constructed as a matrix of individual, heavy-duty video screens mounted in a frame, video walls can be used to create a collage of different video content or combined into a single, unified image. Using the latest bright-screen and weatherproof technology, video walls can even be installed outdoors.

At DSS we can create a video wall that will deliver great audio-visual quality indoors and out.

Outdoor LED screen

If they are to cope with the additional demands of outdoor use, LED screens and video walls that are permanently installed outside must be able to work in all weathers, comply with electrical safety requirements and overcome the challenges of variable and often strong natural lighting.

To ensure safety and protect the unit from damage it should be rated to IP65 as a minimum. This prevents any dust or moisture from finding its way into vulnerable areas where it could cause electrical damage or shock. The screen should also feature a high-brightness display that will compensate for exceptionally bright sunlight, while screens that automatically adjust the brightness to the level of ambient light will save energy and be more restful to the eyes when the ambient light is lower.

DSS can advise you on the most suitable outdoor LED screen system for your location and use.

Transparent LED screen

A transparent LED screen can be an attention-grabber at exhibitions or the spectacular centrepiece of a retail display, particularly when combined with large format display (LFD) technology.

With our expertise in innovative LED technology, we can advise on, supply, and install the best-specification screen for your location and its ambient sound and lighting.

Flexible LED screen

With a flexible LED screen you can add creativity and a ‘custom-made’ finish to any permanent retail or leisure presentation, letting the moving image or illuminated display merge with the fluid lines of its surroundings or stand out in bold, three-dimensional contrast.

At DSS we can help you develop a project that can fully exploit this amazing technology yet deliver a result that looks as effortless as its profile.

LED advertising board

LED technology has revolutionised advertising everywhere from bus stops to billboards, and from stations to shops. Advertising messages can be dynamic, interactive and changed in a moment.

From small scrolling displays to large-format video walls, DSS has the right digital advertising solution for your place and purpose, with the added assurance of great performance and reliability at a cost that will give you a solid return on investment.

Mirror display

When is a mirror not a mirror? When it doubles up as a display screen.
An LED display mirror is so slimline that it can be easily installed in place of a conventional mirror or integrated within fitted or freestanding hospitality and retail furniture.
Wondering how you can incorporate this marvellous technology into your next project?
Talk to DSS today for inspiration, ideas and technical advice.

Made to measure LED screens

While we offer a wide range of standard LED display systems, we also like to think with you – outside the box. If you want to be truly different, we can combine LED systems to create something breath-taking.

  • Commission a display made to your exact required dimensions
  • Create a ‘tiled wall’ of smaller screens as a montage of static and animated text and images
  • Combine flat and flexible, transparent and mirror displays

DSS can supply all the hardware to fix your installation firmly in place, and the technology to integrate all of its elements for seamless operation – indoors or outside.

LED display consultation

If you’re unfamiliar with LED display technology, DSS are with you as industry-recognised experts to advise and support you at every stage of the design-to-installation process and beyond. With our intimate knowledge of products from all leading manufacturers, we design, specify and install LED displays at any scale ranging from a single LED television with an integral media player to a multiple-display system networking across several sites.

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