Large Format Display

A Large Format Display (LFD) is a flat panel screen used to advertise or display marketing for a company. They provide arresting visual content and can be easily mounted on a wall or window to create a durable and versatile display for any business.

They are becoming ever more widely used in the commercial world and we at DSS are the place to go.

Offering wide market experience, expert levels of knowledge and a great range of industry-leading products, we can guarantee to get the right LFD for you.

LFDs offer a range of uses from marketing posters to informational signage and can be used independently or linked smoothly together for larger applications.

 Why do I need LFDs?

If your business has any physical interaction with customers, be it large or small, an LFD is an excellent way to promote your brand and products as well as adding style and visual effect to your space.

These are an excellent form of display in many ways as they are very visually powerful, being sure to catch your customer’s eye. They can also add a lot to your room or space, instantly becoming the focal point, and with some careful design, they can be a classy and stylish addition to any workplace. Finally, they facilitate easy viewer interaction, meaning any adverts or announcements you display are very visible and noticeable.

The minimalist design is not only a timeless and subtle aesthetic that will never look old-fashioned but can also look very sophisticated and professional, really adding to the appeal of your brand or business.

Our experience with these products is extensive, covering retail premises and meeting rooms to hotel lobbies and beyond. We believe that almost all industries can benefit from the simple yet elegant approach LFDs offer.

Solutions and Installations

In order to implement your needs successfully, DSS offer multiple solutions that can be personalised to your situation as well as the knowledge and experience to help you choose them. We utilise industry-leading technology as well as dedicated project managers to successfully achieve your aims in any environment, however challenging.

Finally, once we have helped you choose the best LFD package for your business, we offer a dedicated team of expert and experienced installers who will oversee delivery and installation for you. This provides a quicker, easier and stress-free solution for your business, integrating your new product seamlessly and skilfully.

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