Interactive Touch Screen

DSS brings the highest level of quality and professionalism to the world of interactive touch screen technology.

We understand the importance of engaging with your customers and passers-by in this unparalleled manner, conveying both information and marketing messages in a memorable way.

 Our years of experience in design and installation of interactive touch technology across many industries and applications, will ensure your business gets the best touch solution.  We have expertise in locating the maximum engagement area, managing and providing content, supplying the highest quality equipment for your project and installing it professionally.  

 Your business objectives will be our key consideration in design.   DSS will come up with the best solutions for every budget, engaging more passers-by and fostering brand loyalty from your customers by fitting in touch screens with your existing branding.  

Our wide range of interactive touch solutions have many benefits and areas of application, all producing a seamless customer experience and strengthening your brand in the eyes of consumers.


Touch Screen Technology

The benefits of standard touch screen technology provide solutions for commercial premises of all sizes and cover a wide range of applications:

7″ to 70″ screens

Wall, floor, ceiling and portable mounts

Landscape or Portrait

Protective glass layer

Use in public display areas

Low cost, easy to use/manage content

DSS can advise on the best model for your particular area, whether it is a shopping centre, reception area, bar or restaurant, both creation and management of content are available if required.



Endless designs are achievable with our bespoke touch screen technology.  One example of this is a giant menu display encased in a smart phone design we installed in Wokooshii in the Trafford Centre.  Showcase information in an unforgettable way with our bespoke touch screens.

Interactive Video Walls

For maximum impact and engagement, interactive video walls cannot be beaten. Interactive video walls offer all the benefits of touch screen technology on a larger scale. If you need to deliver information to a large audience, interactive video walls are the way forward.

Interactive video walls are best used in high-footfall areas such as shopping centres and exhibitions.

Furniture and Fittings

Particularly useful in hospitality settings, furniture-fitted touch screens have the ability to display menus and special offers, saving a fortune on printing.  New and highly novel, this kind of screen integrates into both new and existing furniture fittings depending on your requirements and budget.  No problems with dirt or grime, this wipe-clean hygienic glass casing keeps screens looking their best for years.

Outdoor Touch Screen Technology

Weather, glare and tamper-proof protection means touch screen technology can also be deployed outdoors.  This opens up the possibilities of a durable and exciting way of presenting information in open-air settings.  We can even design and install outdoor audio for a truly interactive outdoor broadcast experience.

The experience and skill of our team at DSS ensures that you will get the most from outdoor touch screen technology.  From advising, sourcing, designing and installing, to supporting you further, we are on hand.


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