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Our company has many years of experience and expertise in installing, specifying, and maintaining hotel TV in both new-builds and renovated properties across the UK and we can quote prices for full turn-key systems or separate elements.

Hotel TV has become more than installing screens in hotel rooms in the last few years. Improved connectivity allows so many options such as screen-casting from guests’ devices, room specific digital signage, in-room ordering and even on-screen check out.

Samsung, LG, Philips, NEC and Vestel are top quality Brands in hotel-spec equipment – all of which we specify and install.

All our information about hotel TV is displayed here, including our guide to the somewhat technical terminology.

Hotel TV systems

Our hotel systems technology has advanced dramatically over the years. Our comprehensive network installation, whether IP or coaxial technology, is the key to an advanced hotel-wide content distribution system that offers guests an array of services and room specific digital signage.

For example, using the latest IP approaches, individually addressable screens can be sited around the hotel where there is a data point.


IPTV (Internet protocol TV) is now the standard way to connect to multiple TVs in hotels, healthcare, and other similar situations. One network cable alone can transmit all the signals in both directions.

IP can run digital services such as telephony, high speed internet and data from in-room facilities like mini-bars, on top of operating everything in the original networks, such as premium VoD, off-air and satellite TV.

Using Zeevee AV to IPTV technology, means different AV sources can be distributed over IP and merged into one management system.

This gives the options of either an in-room IPTV box or an integrated IP TV sets that all use one network connection.

Hotel TV Networks

In the past, hotel TV networks used to be all coaxial-based AV networks, using an MATV (Master antenna TV) distribution system for off-air signals and latterly, an SMATV for satellite.

Most modern hotel TV systems now use IP to distribute signals and data around their hotel, although the antenna and dish technology is also still used.

Using the more modern IPTV network means we can install just one network installation which can then distribute hundreds of TV channels, high speed internet and telephony, in addition to integrating with your hotel’s own management system, with data flowing both ways. Hotel TV is a network that ensures a trouble-free experience for your guests, and DSS is more than happy to advise on and install this.

Hotel TV services

We can advise on and specify systems for every size and class of hotel, due to our broad knowledge of numerous installation types

With IP technology, in-room TVs become part of a complete hotel information system, which provides better entertainment management and more opportunities for revenue.

Chromecast screen sharing, and other similar technologies, are now possible, along with high-speed WiFi connectivity and public area touchscreens.

Digital signage and interactive displays can be part of the whole content distribution system, resulting in solutions to streaming and international entertainment in order to inform and entertain every guest.

Digital signage

We would recommend to any renovated or new build installation to use IP-distributed digital signage as an addition to in-room TVs.

From outdoor digital signage to individual touchscreens for checking in, having one central management system offers an array of applications to both increase guest happiness and help increase revenue.

Don’t hesitate to ask our competent staff for their knowledge in specifying and installing different screens from video walls to high brightness displays for wayfinding.


In hotels with no digital wayfinding screens, you will always find people wandering around not knowing where to go. This is why it is only sensible for any new installation to include digital wayfinding signage. 

Having digital screens for wayfinding means you can do more than just directions in one place as the screens are easy to program to display additional messages or updates for your guests whilst they make their way through your property.

Outdoor digital signage

Other applications for large scale digital signage include high-brightness signage outside your property. These modern LCD screens have various uses, from weather warnings to displaying menus.

Outdoor signage is increasingly useful to hotel owners, as they can be helpful in attracting people to the property, and at our company, we can deliver a cost-effective weatherproof resolution perfect for your situation.

Large format display

In the hospitality setting, large display boards can be used for spectacular effects.

There is an abundance of potential uses, from backdrops in nightclubs to creating ambience in a bar.

Not only can LFDs be used for setting the mood in an area, but they are also extremely useful for displaying messages, and can be operated by the hotels central management system.


Touchscreens are incredibly useful for check-in points or self-service eating areas, as they can be used not only at point of sale but also as interactive kiosks, which has the potential for generating additional income.

At DSS, we are the recognised specialists for finding innovative ways to suit all needs, thanks to the endless possibilities for touchscreen in the hospitality sector.

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