High Brightness Display

A high brightness screen is especially bright in order to be more effective and visible in areas with high ambient light levels. They are especially useful in outdoor locations or near windows where they receive a lot of sunlight. This screen is perfect for a window display or outside signage. 

In these conditions, a normal screen tends to reflect the sunlight which makes images harder to see. For comparison, a standard TV will have a brightness of about 200-400 cd/m2 (Candela per square

metre – a measure of luminance).  Our high brightness screens can range between 2500-4000 cd/m2, a tenfold performance increase! This means we are well equipped to get the ideal brightness for any outside area you desire and to optimise your display readability.

Where to use a High Brightness Display?

A high brightness display is well suited to any outdoor environment; an outside advert board, restaurant garden screen or pub display as well as window displays. 

Store windows

When deciding what type of screen to use in your window display you need to take into consideration how close the screen will be from the window.

If the screen is your primary focus and is laid against (or close to) the window, then a High Brightness Display is your best option, as it will be visible through the sun and daylight and draw your customers in.

External pub and restaurant displays

If your pub or restaurant regularly shows sporting events, or has outdoor promotional screens, then a high brightness display would be ideal.

Highly visible to all your customers, a high bright screen will show your content at its maximum potential.

Outdoor Digital Signage

An outdoor digital sign can be a powerful marketing tool, offering strong messaging to a wide audience of passers-by.

It is critical that these signs are brightly lit. A bright outdoor sign not only attracts attention but looks professional and fresh.  

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