Display Screens

Display Screens

DSS can advise and install any screens regardless as to whether it is an outdoor TV, retail display screen or a huge video wall.

The TV screen has advanced from when we started and our industry has improved, to have a higher resolution and pixels, for example, LCD or LED format large screens in 4K, which exceeds former innovations such as the plasma TV.

Thanks to evolving technology, at DSS we now have a better variety of AV solutions together with the knowledge and expertise to design, deliver and install any screen display from a simple TV to an interactive display screen.

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Commercial TV

As well-established installers of television and display screens we believe the design of our commercial screens make them perfectly optimised for business use.

Hotel TV

Hotel TV is so much more than installing screens in guest rooms. We install network systems for hotels with a content distribution system that can offer guests a variety of services and high-speed internet.

Domestic TV

Our Domestic TVs are standard TVs of varying sizes and uses, similar to screens at home. Our range of domestic TVs are different to our professional ranges as they don’t need to be used constantly meaning they are priced accordingly.

LED Screen

There are many uses of LED screens and LED screens are the centre of most wall and TV systems we install. At DSS our LED screens give excellent performance and are very cost-effective.

Large Format Display

Our large format display screens are designed to display information round the clock for business purposes, these elegant display screens have multiple uses in different situations.

Video Wall

A video wall is a brilliant way to draw a large audience with greater effect than a large screen TV and can be whichever size or shape you choose.

Outdoor TV

At our company, we are experts in specifying and fitting outdoor TV systems with the appropriate IP rating meaning you can be confident you will get the outdoor TV that is suited to your needs.

TV Brackets

Although display screens are no longer very heavy, it is important that all TVs are mounted securely on the correct TV brackets, to keep them attached to the wall.

Best TV Brands

At DSS, we regularly recommend and fit top TV brands such as Samsung, Philips, LG, Mitchell & Brown, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba, along with some that are specific to display screen applications.

We have the expertise and experience in putting systems together to ensure you get the screen that is suitable for your situation.

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