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In today’s digital world, digital signage is becoming more and more common as a digital sign has a much more flexible and useful variety of applications. In addition, a digital solution can provide a more visually impactful option. we offer industry-leading knowledge experience and top brand technology for your digital sign for an advertising role. We at DSS offer industry-leading knowledge, experience and top brand technology for your digital signage needs. As acknowledged experts in areas such as retail, leisure, hospitality, healthcare, and sports we can give you the best experience possible.

On this page, you will learn more about the background and applications of digital signage and how we can provide an innovative range of products and expert services covering digital posters and displays.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage can be found in many environments in today’s world and has greatly increased in popularity. You will find it in almost every retail situation as well as many commercial applications. This great digital Revolution has caused faster, easier and more powerful advertising to become prevalent across many Industries and you mustn’t miss out on this advantage. A digital display is simple and easy to use and can provide a more dynamic marketing solution.

Networking is an important part of our product range and our screens are easy to update with relevant software. This means that all your displays can be changed, updated and optimised easily and work together for the best results. Speak to us today to get the best in digital signs for your business.

Display boards

 A common use for a digital sign is for a situation where information changes quickly and regularly. An example could be a display board sharing details about the menu or opening times. A digital poster is an invaluable source of information and advertising appeal, pointing customers to special offers or menu items. 

A display board is usually an LED screen with sizes ranging from 10 to 98-inch widths. These can be in either landscape or portrait orientation for the best customer impact and aesthetic appeal. To create the right display board, we at DSS offer years of specialist experience in this area. Planning and installing your solution can be carried out expertly and quickly, whether you want a single screen or a multi-screen network.

Touch screen displays

The use of touch screen displays over the last few years has greatly increased as reliability and technology has improved.  Most people are now familiar with their use, even if it’s just to order hamburgers!

DSS will design a system that exactly matches your requirements and suits your budget.  The benefit of touch screens when compared with old-fashioned buttons (last seen on ATMs) is the speed of configuration when alterations to products, stock levels or price are needed.  The most common use for this interactive digital signage is at self-service kiosks at point of sale situations.


Other benefits of touch screens include ease of sanitation with no traps for germs to gather, and minimal downtime due to the increasing reliability of networked display screen devices.

Keep your eyes peeled for gesture-based screens, soon replacing touch screens, especially when installations are even more hygiene-critical and require interactive electronic notice boards.



Used extensively in retail shopping centres, stations, airports and transport, wayfinding (the industry term for an electronic notice board showing you where to go) has really taken off since Covid-19, when regulations required companies to install one-way systems around their premises.  Freestanding digital signage is far better as an effective and stylish solution than amateurish hand-written signs!

Reception areas in particular have benefitted from digital signage in pointing guests in the right direction, or reminding them to act appropriately under current regulations.

DSS are ready to discuss your wayfinding cost-effective signage today!


Digital menu boards

Digital menu boards are an example of indoor display signage that not only makes displaying up-to-date information more efficient, but is proven to increase customer spend.

More and more restaurants, takeaways and pubs are using them, and the results are showing on the bottom line!

No more laborious manual preparation by busy staff, and less paper wastage too.  This attention-grabbing signage suits the current Covid regulations.  The digital menu boards software is quick and easy to use, making training and all changes simple to understand.


Outdoor digital signage

Thanks to recent advances in bright screen technology, the over-size screens at outdoor concerts and sport events that we have all seen are now much more affordable.  

This means that the reality is outdoor led displays are now within reach of more and more businesses.  Even with challenging conditons for glare and brightness, your messages can be conveyed and advertisements displayed out of doors.  ‘Nits’ is the industry standard term for the relative brightness of an led screen.

 DSS are experts in outdoor digital signage and led screen technology.  We can offer a range of solutions for your outdoor digital signage needs.  From single stand-alone led display system for outdoors, to the challenge of a whole network of outside TV screens.  DSS have the experience and knowledge to make this a reality.


High bright screen displays for shop windows

With recent advances in bright screen technology, high brightness window screens can now be used in almost all lighting conditions to ensure maximum visibility for your window display signage.  We have all seen the odd led screen in an estate agent’s window that works fine when it’s dark but sometimes hard to read in the day.

This opens up the way for many more retail environments to benefit from effective and impactful digital signage displays.  DSS are able to design and install outdoor led displays for any situation, with astounding levels of brightness in the display coupled with being viewable at wider angles ensuring your retail application display is a success.


Self service kiosk

When customers are required to make a choice in their purchase transaction, a touch screen self service kiosk is ideal.

A good example of their use is in freeing up staff for more complex tasks.  Kiosks with touch screen displays can be custom-designed to suit a specific sale task.  Or there are many off-the-shelf designs that can be adopted to suit your requirements. 

DSS are leaders in this area of technology.  With a comprehensive understanding of the tech and hardware we can design, commission and install a system that meets your particular needs.


Digital advertising screens

Using a digital screen to advertise will help your company make that leap into the new age of widespread digital screens.

DSS have the knowledge and the experience to take you forward.  Creating more opportunities to upsell, making it easier for your staff to interact with the public and publish adverts with relevant and timely content.  A digital advertising display as seen in some of case studies will be inspirational, and is fast becoming a must-have for any forward thinking business.

They can be controlled from a single PC or server, or many are now cloud-based.  DSS have the expertise to help you by specifying, installing and commissioning effective digital advertising screens, offering you unbiased advice along with many years experience.



Digital poster

A digital poster can be eye-catching, incorporate movement, video and even live info.  They are often used on bus stops or street furniture, they are being rapidly integrated into the everyday, thanks to speed of updating.

New advances in networking capacity along with increasing cost-effectiveness, means that the cost of display screen technology has fall dramatically over the last few years.  Digital posters are thus becoming a financial reality for more businesses than ever.


Freestanding digital signage

The development of freestanding digital signage – with or without a touch screen – has been one of the most exciting and innovative developments recently.  They have multiple uses such as digital menu boards, self service kiosk, digital billboards, or even a touch screen kiosk, thanks to their often wireless connection.

The old-fashioned A-board is fast becoming a thing of the past.  DSS can create outdoor digital signage, billboards and digital advertising screens that can be placed almost anywhere.  Freestanding touch screen kiosks or digital advertising screens can be designed and installed quickly and a cost-effective price.

Even outside in bright sunshine, our portable battery-powered high brightness digital signage has a massive impact.  Get in touch today with DSS for the full range of our digital sign services.


Digital signage software

DSS understands the need to have the best pictures and information delivered in order to create the best digital signage.  We are able to design and commission digital signage software systems that are both easy to use and train on.

DSS have the experience and the know-how when it comes to setting you up with the most effective and flexible signage software available for your needs, whether for regular digital signage or specialised digital menu boards.

The training we offer will make it easy to create new items, schedule offers at specific times, or for specific groups and programme and schedule the system.  Let us advise on the best software program for your requirements.


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