Digital Kiosk

DSS is sure to find the ideal solution that works for you to involve your customers and have an effect with digital kiosks.

From landscape and tower kiosks to wall mounted kiosks, we have a range of options to suit your company best.

We like to enhance your business’ image by ensuring your customers enjoy a seamless experience using only the most innovative technology.

What are the benefits?

Digital kiosks are the way forward in a wide range of industries, as consumers are increasingly reliant and comfortable with technology, and they have advantages for both the customer and the business.

At DSS, we’ve worked with businesses determined to reap these advantages and improve their customer’s overall experience, such as restaurants, hotels, and football arenas.

Digital kiosks are great to advertise, reduce crowding and queues and offer information to your customer, meaning they have the potential to increase revenue and grow your business.


Customers who may be nervous about supplying confidential information to a member of staff can use the trustworthy platform that kiosks provide to make their purchase or enter their details, thus decreasing their interaction with staff and also reducing the chance of human error.

Reduce Crowding

Congestion in restaurant, takeaway or hotel lobbies can turn potential customers away from your business.

A handful of kiosks is a sure way to reduce this as it is more efficient than speaking to a member of staff and save staff from answering queries that could be resolved by a kiosk.

Round-the-clock care

When outdoors, you can ensure you don’t miss potential sales with a digital kiosk, because even after working hours, a digital kiosk can be used 24/7 to show events, information and advertisements, showing your clients that you value their custom round the clock.

Low maintenance

These digital kiosks are constructed for use round the clock and provide your customer with a digital interaction that displays your message quickly and clearly.

Digital kiosks do not need prior instruction, appraising or disciplining to use, making them a simple and beneficial asset to your business.

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