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Here at Digital Screen Services, we provide a complete range of professional and commercial screen products that can cater to a variety of needs for large format displays. In addition, we can offer a solution for your business whatever your size and budget.

Our options for screens cover everything from low-cost conferencing screens to top-end models for entranceway screenings in receptions and lobbies. We have expert knowledge and familiarity in many areas, from financial to healthcare and education to entertainment industries. We have experience in providing screens to holiday parks, hotels, bars, pubs and restaurants.

Our screen models are sourced from a number of brands and producers including:

• Samsung
• LG
• Philips
• Sharp

We can fulfil many specifications for professional screens, including LED, LCD, HD ready and Full HD options, covering 1080p and 4k resolutions.

A large display screen is an excellent commercial tool for many applications nowadays, displaying information and advertising in many areas such as reception areas, conferences, and on-site marketing. Our screens integrate smoothly with your layouts and fixtures and can often be incorporated with furniture and office design.

Improved operational times

Our professional screens are designed with commercial purposes in mind, so are optimised for long periods of flawless running. The average screen is designed for a limited usage per day whereas our screen solutions offer lengthy or near-constant running.

Our screens can support 12, 16, and even 24-hour running for an endless display. Design optimisation includes fans to reduce overheating and eradicate heat-related performance problems.

With the cost of energy a rising concern for many people, our screens offer excellent energy efficiency in order to run for long periods without your having to worry about costs.

 Display and design options

Our range of professional screens offers an excellent variety of display options, allowing you to present your information in the best way possible. Both portrait and landscape options are available.

We also provide a range of choices in hardware design with options for slimmer bevels and frames to provide minimalist aesthetics and maximise viewing area. This gives the most attention to information and is also easier to install.

A further quality of DSS solutions is the option of outdoor screens with reliable weatherproofing to protect from the most adverse elements. Large outdoor displays can be vital for live events and festivals as well as commercial events and networking.

The ideal brightness

In order to get the optimal level of attention and interaction, our screens can offer high maximum brightness levels and visibility improvements with technology like backlighting and LG’s Shine Out. Your eye-catching marketing campaign will be compromised if the screen display is sub-par, so our brightness solutions are vital to avoid sunlight glare or other problems.

In addition, we can offer leading-edge automatic brightness control, leveraging technology to adjust the screen according to changing outside conditions. This saves you the bother of adjusting manually in a fast-changing environment. These screens will always look great and save you hassle too.

Service excellence

At DSS, we aim to provide the expert service you deserve and have gained a large amount of experience, with over 10 years of practice in the industry and a team of specialists to assist your every need.

We endeavour to assist you at every stage of your journey, from providing expert advice to select your screen, to the assistance of our installation team to give you a head start using your new display without hassle and with optimum performance.

We also offer 5 years warranty with a next-day swap-out guarantee, allowing you to replace a broken screen within 24 hours anywhere in the UK.

Advanced technology

Professional commercial screens tend to be more advanced than similar domestic models. Many of our screens offer options such as touch screen capability and in-depth control settings as well as generally exceptional resolution, brightness and performance, all available from a variety of models and makers to suit your every need. For professional needs like displaying multiple pieces of content on a single screen or allowing customer interaction, we can deliver the best solution.

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